Moving domain to new host


I have installed WPMU with Buddypress on my domain and want to move the domain and all the files to a new hosting company - is it just a matter of moving all files and directories and changing DNS setting or does any code need to be changed?

perhaps a dumb question but just want to make sure I don't break my site



  • drmike

    Off the top of my head, it;s a simple change in DNS and moving the files. I don;t recall any specific plugins or code within wpmu that actually looks at directory structure although there may be one out there.

    One thing to watch though is the database charsets. Make sure that you;re importing into the same charsets as your original host. (Should all be UTF8.) You may have to get with your host and inquire about that.

    Another thing to watch out for is problems with exporting the database. Even with the multipledb code, those files may be huge. CPanel doesn;t work well with large files. You may want to see if you can export them from the command line. Running through and getting your users to delete any spam queue would be helpful as well.

    For your files being transferred, considering you also have to think about the uploaded by your end users' files, I'd ssh into your new server, ftp out into your old space and grab them that way. (I know there's a ftp command for mirroring directories between linux servers but it escapes me right off.)

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I've moved a couple on our installs but it seems like Direct Admin is a lot more capable when it comes to exporting than CPanel.

  • Qlof

    You need to edit the config with the new database details, unless you are using the same database host (localname?) with the same databasename, username and password.

    Like drmike said large databases are often hard to move. I've had the same problem before with other types of websites. Ask your host to email it to you or see if they can create a backup and locate it in your home dir so that you can download it via ftp.

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