Moving Events Manager to Events+

Hi all,

I have a client (it’s a private school) who wants to convert their basic WordPress site to a membership site, so that the teachers can have their own groups, parental access, fundraising, registration, etc. I immediately thought of you all – I think you’d be perfect.

However, they’re currently using Events Manager ( for the school’s calendar of events. I think it would be good for them to move to Events+, since it’s tied in so well with the Membership plugin, and we’ll be using BuddyPress and the Groups Calendar – it would just be easier to tie them all in together.

I was wondering if there’s anything out there that would easily move all of the existing Events Manger items to the Events+ calendar? (In fact, I have another client that I need to do this with, too) I’m pretty sure I can export Events Manager as a .csv file – will that import into Events+? Or is there something else I could do that you all might know about? (or will I have to write something on my own?)