Moving from Wishlist Member to Membership Program

I am moving from Wishlist Member to this Membership plugin primarily because of the ability to control buddypress access. Does anyone have any experience or ideas about how I might go about switching between the two and keeping the paypal relationships in place? I am using paypal and subscriptions right now, so paypal is managing that recurring payment anyway...

Thanks for any insight/help!

  • kipprsnak
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I have the information about the paypal subscription/transaction information - is there anyway to get that information to the plugin? A table in the DB it's looking at? Anything like that? Just tossing around ideas...

    Thanks again for any insight!

  • keithjameslock
    • Flash Drive

    So far the membership plugin hasn't worked the way it's supposed to for me.. I don't really think it works as designed (or as described).. you might have more issues than maintaining PayPal subscriptions. I'd play with it before hand if I was you (assuming you haven't).

    Could be just me but it really doesn't seem to work logically.

  • keithjameslock
    • Flash Drive

    To be honest I had issues with every aspect of it.. but again, it could be just me (however I am very comfortable with WordPress, CMS's, software in general, PHP, etc.).. I found it all very confusing. I wrote a few posts about it here but I'm waiting on a response..

    I'm going to check out S2Member and if that doesn't do everything I need I might scrap using WP altogether and go with The Info Product Model (which uses Clickbank for payments).. but I'm not sure if it supports recurring billing..

    Good luck

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Keith,

    If you'll notice I've already responded to each of your forum threads. Your responses here are off topic as well. Let's focus on seeing if we can resolve the issues you're having shall we?

    We stand behind our plugins here, support them, and by far most folks are having a positive experience with the membership plugin.


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