Moving members between levels not working?

I am trying to use the membership plugin to create a training site. Currently there aren’t plans to make this public, its just for internal training. So upon registering with the site, the user would enter the “Basic training” subscription. The subscription contains many levels that the user would progress through upon completion of each level. The advancement to the next level would be handled by an admin when tests are scored.

Currently I have it setup with 1 subscription, that contains 3 levels. There is of course one other level for non-members. So when I signup a user everything works fine, they only have access to the first level of that subscription. But when I try to move that user to the next level from the members panel it returns to the members panel but it still shows just the first level. I tried adding a level to the member and it seemed to work, but broke the categories widget on the front end (doesn’t display either level’s category). I can remove the level I just added but I can’t remove the original level.

I am pretty sure I have the plugin setup correctly and I am at a loss. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

EDIT: This is the only plugin installed on a fresh install of WordPress 3.2.1

  • aaronecp
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    UPDATE: @vebailovity asked some probing questions in the Plugins and Code, here are the answers to help clarify the issue.

    – The user hasn’t lost anything. When I attempt to move a user from the initial level in the subscription assigned, nothing happens.

    – I can add a level to the user. But I cannot remove the initial level.

    – The categories widget will display correctly (showing the level allowed and 1 other level that everyone should see) for the first level. It does not show either category when I assign the next level

    – I can see the content after adding a level but the categories widget is still broken

    – Membership does protect the contents. Before and after I add the level. I have another level setup and that content has never been displayed.

  • aaronecp
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    I have attempted to reinstall this plugin on fresh WordPress install’s a few times now and have had no luck. Has anyone else had these issues? Can anyone provide any insight as to why the Membership plugin isn’t working?

  • Mason
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    We have no other reports of this issue. If it’s a fresh install, especially, you shouldn’t be running into this difficulty. Can you try the latest 2.1.1 version and let us know the result.

    If that doesn’t work, we may need to login to your site and see what’s going on (settings and so forth). If you’re willing to allow this, send a message through our contact form here:

    Please include my name in the subject line and a link back to this thread for reference.


  • Mason
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    Just checking if it was eventually resolved in another thread? Or by yourself separately to us? Or by us over email with you? Or using our live support?

    If so, no need to reply, that’s great news.

    If not, could you let us know by re-opening this topic, and we’ll get onto it and helping you out asap!

    Otherwise, happy days, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


  • aaronecp
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    @clintonb11 I still have this issue as well. I have found a work around to my issue of moving members between levels.

    Logically you would think to click the move option in the Membership Level column of your All Members page but that won’t let you move the member to a new level for some reason. If you use the move option in the Subscription column of your All Members page you can move the user to a new level.

    Issues I am still having include:

    -You can still add a level to a user but it breaks the categories widget on the front end, it only displays the non member level and neither of the member levels that user belongs to.

    -You can’t drop the active level a user has assigned only one of the additional levels you have assigned.

    -You can’t move a user to a new level if it has an additional level assigned to it. Even using the aforementioned work around.

  • DavidM
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    Hi clintonb11,

    We’ve actually been going through this one via email as Aaron had sent us login information and basically, moving membership levels at Membership > All Members depends on the subscription that a member has added to him as well.

    For instance, you can’t really remove a membership level from a member who has that membership level added via a subscription, since the subscription will always add it right back in.

    Is that perhaps the case with your setup?

    @aaron, many thanks for having sent that through as it really helped to identify the issue. Would you mind creating a new thread regarding the widgets though? It’ll really help to have that one separate here to avoid confusion with the member level issue.



  • aaronecp
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    @masonjames yes a workaround has been established.

    To move a user to another level in the same subscription just click move on the Subscription column instead of move on the Membership Level column on the All Members page. On the next page you can select the Subscription they already belong to as the “Move From” value and then select the same subscription and the Level you want to move to for the “Move To” value.

    This resolved the orignal issue, I have marked the topic as resolved.

  • Ann Williams
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    Hi Aaron

    Sorry, but this is NOT resolved…. We also have this issue and have gone through the process as described in your last post.

    Everything is set up and the system looks lovely (you can chose what level to move from and too) – BUT when you hit the ‘Move’ button – NOTHING happens ie. the Membership Level move just doesn’t work.

  • Ann Williams
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    Some more details from our site at:

    Initial, free sign-up

    1. We have multiple levels of membership. ‘Reader’ (not logged in), ‘Regular Member’, ‘VIPs’ (a paid for membership) and some others which we will use later.

    2. We register members as Regular Members to start with, using the free registration process….

    3. …so all our members are sitting in the Membership database as “Regular Members”.

    Content per membership level

    1. Each membership level has access to different content.

    2. We use URL Groups and are happy with how to use them. (ie. this is not a Membership Level setup problem).

    Paid membership levels

    1. We are now selling premium membership options. The level is called VIPs.

    2. The sale of this option is done manually outside of the Membership registration process for a number of different reasons including:

    – there are three different payment options, rather than one standard option for this Level;

    – we use the PayFast plugin;

    – take payment in South African Rands;

    – and have invoicing details criteria which your system doesn’t easily cover etc,

    This is working out very nicely with the MarketPress plugin and PayFast (thanks guys – these are really easy to use and set-up plugins. Great stuff.)

    However, once the person has paid – I, personally (and not the client) need to be able to manually upgrade the member in the back end from being a Regular Member to being a VIPs member. This is where the problem lies…..

    I do exactly what Aaron wrote in his last post by getting into the Members screen and, for the individual member, select the level to move from and the level to move too; and hit the Move button – and absolutely nothing happens. The member still remains as a Regular Member….

    Please – this is a HUGE problem for us. I cannot sell a membership and get people paying good money when I cannot give them access to the membership level that shows their content! So basically at the moment I can’t sell anything – because I can’t give them access to what they have paid for without giving everyone the same access!

    I need to get this resolved fast so that we start getting some money in. (I have already started promoting this option and paying memberships is the only way that I will be making money from this site.) So unless I fix this problem I not only don’t have a business, but I have a lot of angry paid-up customers….

  • Ann Williams
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok. Have been messing around a bit and seem to have found a way around this.

    Unfortunately, being able to move Levels is not just about using the Move function under the level…. A few more things need to be done first.

    1. Firstly, make sure there is a Subscription or (multiple subscriptions) that has the Level/s that you want to swop between.

    2. Go to the All Members page…. but DON’T try to change the Level yet. Firstly, go to the Subscriptions for the individual member that you are looking at changing Levels for – and Add a Subscription that includes the Membership Level that you are wanting to change them to.

    Once you have added the new Subscription, you will see in Membership Levels column for the Member, that the new Level/s have been added.

    Now, NB!, the Level with the least access is the overriding level – so you need to get rid of the lower level or else you needn’t have bothered upgrading the Level.

    3. To get rid of the unwanted Level/s, go back to Subscription column and Drop any unwanted Subscriptions. Once you have done this, you will see that the Membership Level/s available has now change and that the lower Level has now been dropped.

    Whew! So it’s rather round about way of doing things, but it seems to work, so I am HAPPY! (And highly relieved.)

    Hope this can be of use to someone else down the line.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Many thanks for your detailed feedback Ann, and especially, thanks for posting your elaborate solution here. Glad that method works for you.

    We’re having a look at providing a way to make things much clearer, likely by providing tooltips in the plugin options, to explain how these things work and could best be setup.


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