Moving my dev site to become my new site and keeping my old site

I have a multisite installation with two sites (so far) - the main site (in public_html) which is accessed by and a subsite which is accessed using the Domain Mapping plugin by

My main site became a plugin/theme conflict disaster. I made a completely new WP multisite installation in a subdirectory (public_html/new) and re-developed to get it exactly how the main site should have been. This is not a subsite of a the original multisite-- this is a new separate WP installation.

Now I want to make the new site that is in "public_html/new" to become my main site at And I want to keep my old site functioning (somewhere, like maybe And I want the subsite ( to still work as it works now because it seems if I move the original multisite installation, I will lose the subsite.

Using some combination of Domain Mapping and Snapshot, is what I described possible? Could someone list the order of steps I would need to take?


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Randy, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    Here's what I've got for you presently:

    As for migrating the old Multisite, I would first create a new Multisite at the subfolder you specified, and create a subsite there (as Snapshot would need a base WordPress install to work with here).

    Then, on the old site, you would use Snapshot to back up both the main site, as well as the subsite you've created (for the main site, you'd want to make sure that the wp-config.php & .htaccess aren't copied over here).

    Then, on the new /old Multisite, you'd need to import the snapshots created from the old Multisite into the appropriate sites (e.g. restore the main site snapshot from the old Multisite into the main site for the new /old Multisite).

    Now, you may need to reconfigure Domain Mapping to work with your /old Multisite network, due to the path change (which would most likely require the DocumentRoot to be pointed towards that subfolder, if A records are being used to point domains towards this Multisite).

    As for the new Multisite network that you're looking to migrate out of the /new folder, I would advise wiping out the old Multisite network at the root domain (I would only do this after ensuring that the old Multisite was moved successfully first), and then doing a re-install there with a fresh copy of WordPress.

    Same thing here in regards to using Snapshot to migrate the main site, make sure that those two files I mentioned earlier aren't copied in the process of creating the snapshot, and restore it to the main on the newly created Multisite install on the main domain.

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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