Moving one of my cPanel hosted domains to WPMU

I am trying to use the Domain Mapping plugin on a WP MU install from
When I try to park to, I am getting the following error:

Error from park wrapper: is already configured. Sorry, that domain is already setup (remove it from httpd.conf)

Do any of can I find information on how to fix this?

  • aecnu

    Greetings realsocialpros,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    The answer is to have the domain removed from the httpd.conf file.

    In other words your host/server already has the domain configured as a web site, not as just a "A" record pointing to your WordPress install as it should be.

    Once the domain has been removed from the httpd.conf and Apache restarted the error shoudl disappear - then be sure to just have an DNS "A" record for pointing at your WordPress MultiSite install and the Domain Mapping plugin shall take it from there pointing it to your sub domain

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    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey realsocialpros.

    You shouldn't need to edit the config files on the server with cPanels. You should just be able to remove it from the server through cPanel itself.

    It must already be added to that server as a parked, addon or account domain.

    Just so you don't get confused, you posted in the multi domain area, the Multi Domain plugin handles multiple networks from one install. Whereas the domain mapping plugin maps a domain to a sub site within one network.

    Take care.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey James. :slight_smile:

    Thank you. Sorry about posting in the wrong spot Timothy.

    You are most welcome, and you don't need to apologise. I just wanted to make sure you were not confused by the two as sometimes because of the purpose of the plugins and their names it can be easy to do so.

    The issue in the other thread is because of a config on the server not being done.

    For example not using a dedicated IP for the WPMU website. So type in your servers IP and what do you see?

    If its / page or a 404 or anything similar but not your website then the IP is going to the wrong place. You could ask your hosting provider to sort your dedicated IP out, its much easier. :slight_smile:

    As for wild card domains, you can do that in cPanel as well. Just go create an A record and use *. so the * is and again it should just

    * 1440 IN A IP-ADDRESS

    Take care.

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