Moving Scribe customization to different domain

I've been customizing Scribe on an old domain (, and I want to transfer everything I've done to my new one ( Siteground (my host) walked me through copying the Scribe folders to the new domain using the file manager. I copied the "uf-scribe" and the "scribe" folders to the "theme" folder. That doesn't seem to have been sufficient. What am I missing?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Kim,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    In case of any "standard" theme this way should be enough. However, our Upfront based themes (including Scribe) are customizable with a front-end editor meaning that changes aren't saved directly into theme's files but into the database.

    That said, you'd need to copy some data from your database. Before you do this, please make a full backup of your database.

    1. Access your original database with phpMyAdmin
    2. Select "wp_options" table
    3. Use "search" option
    4. For "option_name" column select "LIKE" operator and put this line as a value


    then hit search.
    5. Select "Show All" option on the results page
    6. Mark all
    7. Select "Export" icon right below the table of results

    8. Save the database dump as file

    9. Login to a new database (the one you wish to import settings to)
    10. Import the file

    This should help, however this is a workaround as Upfront doesn't feature any import/export feature yet.

    Let me know if it helped!


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