moving to new shared hosting server

I currently have my multisite network setup on a shared hosting account. I'm moving to a new shared hosting account. When I try to navigate to the domain, I get a redirect loop. The browser is trying to go to I am able to navigate to any of the sites easily. I've been searching all over and I'm unable to come up with the answer!

  • Mason
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    Hiya Jack,

    That's no fun...
    Can you get into the admin on the root domain?

    What about basics - like switching over to your new nameservers and IP at your new hosting account? If you don't have a dedicated IP, I'd recommend that.

    Also, within WordPress make sure your settings in wp-config.php match with the database:
    in wp-config DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE should be something like ''
    This should match the domain in your database under wp_site as well as looking in wp_options for the option_value of siteurl and home (although they are probably

    Checking all of these will help us make sure all bases are covered. If you can get into the root admin ( that'll be a help.

    Finally, any plugins you have running such as domain mapping? Might want to remove them to make sure they're not interfering. Let us know.


  • Jack
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    Thanks Mason! I can't get to the admin at the root of the domain (it goes to the redirect loop), but I can get to the admin for the subdomains. I do have a dedicated IP. I haven't switched nameservers yet, I just edited the hosts file on my Windows computer to look for the domain at the new IP. It's how I always check out sites before making DNS changes to make sure that everything is working correctly. My wp-config.php looks good as well as the database. I moved hosts, but not domains. I did have domain mapping enabled. Removing the folder and commenting out sunrise.php support in wp-config.php didn't change anything.

  • Jack
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    I figured out the problem. It was so simple! I had backed up my database using cPanel, then I restored the database using cPanel's backup restore function. Don't ever trust cPanel's backup!!!! My database only had 36 tables in it! There should have been over 300. I exported the database through phpMyAdmin and imported it. Now everything works!!!

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