Moving to paid subscription from free subscription not working

I'm trying to simply have the user upgrade from free membership to paid membership. I've tried 2 different ways to get this to work and neither approach is working.

First approach:
After signing up for free membership and then going to the subscriptions page, there should be a Move To section but I don't see this. I've seen this section before but can't figure out how to get it back now.
Go to and login as aarontest2, password tester
Go to

Second approach:
After logging into my free membership, if I then upgrade to paid membership, I can proceed through the Paypal membership but when I return to the site, I now have 2 subscriptions! If I remove the free subscription manually from the administrative login, everything works OK but need a way to have the free membership get canceled automatically.
Go to and login as aarontest2, password tester
Click on Upgrade and continue through the Paypal subscription. Use the coupon 1penny to drop the price down to a penny. After you get back to the site, go to /member-subscriptions/ and you'll see both subscriptions there.