moving wix to wordpress

A client wants to convert their wix site to wordpress. I'm considering using this plugin:

The wix site is here:

Would the conversion keep the exact same look and feel? Are there any other plugins that can do what this plugin does?

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    I wasn't aware of the plugin so I checked it. According to their docs the migration would include:

    - pages and posts
    - images included in content body (basically means images that are part of posts/pages)
    - menus and menu items
    - taxonomy (tags)

    So, that's basically a content, just like CMS2CMS service does. That means that the layout/design most likely will not be maintained/migrated and if there are any "complex features" (anything that's not a basic "information display") that won't be migrated as well.

    The migration itself is also paid service and the plugins serves as a gateway that will only migrate the data after payment. So, I think the best way to see if it works is to install it and use its "Free Demo Migration" tool to see what would be migration results (please note: the Demo Migration is just preview, an actual migration is paid service). That would let you asses whether it would be good enough.

    To be honest, though, I highly doubt. Migration between different platform is not an easy task and it would be incredibly difficult, if possible at all, to "automate" it. It doesn't work like "click here and there" and done - Wix or Joomla is fully converted to WordPress, I'm afraid...

    The full migration from Wix to WordPress would be a multi-step process:

    1. Setup a fresh WordPress install
    2. Choose and customize the theme (from WordPress themes) or create your own
    3. Import posts (most likely via RSS)
    4. Convert pages from Wix to WordPress (which would actually be a manual "copy&paste" procedure!)
    5. Re-create your navigation menus
    6. Set and configure additional WP plugins if necessary to re-create some features
    7. Change domain settings to point to the new site or set some redirect on Wix.

    Plugins/services such as CMS2CMS can in some way automate steps 2-5 but that's all. All the rest would be a developer work that would have to be done and the only question is whether "behind the curtain of a paid plugin/migration service" somebody will do it for you or if you do it by yourself or just hire some developer (and optionally designer) directly.

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