mp4s cannot play on iOS devices from WordPress install


Hopefully someone out there has experienced this issue - we use WordPress Multisite to provide a Podcasting service to a university. We're trying to make the service more mobile friendly and have hit a snag with mp4 in iOS devices. Currently whenever we try to watch a mp4 (uploaded to the media library and attached to a post) on an iOS device we get an image of the play symbol that has been crossed out. Using the developer debugging console we get the 'tip'...'QuickTime BYTE_RANGE_ERROR_MESSAGE'. I have done a bit of research but can't work out what settings on the server I need to change - any ideas?

mp3s seem to work fine and when using an HTML5 media embedding plugin mp4s are still an issue.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  • Philip John
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    This sounds like it's probably an issue with the HTML5 embedder you're using.

    By default, WordPress doesn't embed videos so it's likely that the plugin you're using is loading QuickTime in such a way that QuickTime can't understand/cope with the file for some reason.

    If you let me know the plugin I can test it myself to see if it works for me. Beyond that you'll probably need to approach the embed plugin developer.


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    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for your reply - I am using the mediaelements.js HTML 5 WordPress plugin. But, before I used this we were just providing a link to the file in the post and clicking on this link will provide the error I described earlier. The plugin just doesn't show any video (no helpful errors). So while I understand that Wordpress doesn't embed videos etc - I am trying to work out why I can't play the video files.


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