mp_order post type. Is the author ID the Id of the person who purchased the item

Hi there

I am just working on a feedback plugin for marketpress. I am just working on a function making sure the purchasers bought items and the shops sold items match so that the purchaser is allowed to write feedback.

Ive found the mp_order post type and it includes a field for author ID.
Is the author ID the ID of the purchaser? I thought it might be as it isnt the ID of the blog user.

If someone purchases the product but isnt logged in, what is put in the author ID field?

I am tracing the data around in circles in phpadmin but thought it would be quicker to ask the question here...

ps the blog owners ID is "19" in the screenshot. The blue rectangle indicates the orders. The red circle is the author ID for one of the orders

  • cstevenson
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    ok I tried a test order without being logged in and the author ID came up as "0"

    So I am guessing this author ID field is basically the purchasers ID. Which is good because I can just match the post title with the user meta "mp_order" array.

  • cstevenson
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    great thanks for the confirmation

    As for the plugin..
    Well at the moment it all seems to be ok, I just need to style the page where the feedback is presented and decide whether i am better off saving the feedback text in the user meta or maybe I should put it in a new database table.

    At the moment I just have text feedback saved in each users meta, and I am working on adding a 1-5 rating as well.

    its just a bunch of functions at the moment rather than a proper plugin...

  • cstevenson
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    I am also working on a favourite products plugin, which is actually a massive rewrite of the existing wp favourite post plugin, which didnt work with multisite.
    Ive re written a lot of the functions to work with multisite and custom posts.

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