MP/A+ - Show appointment detail in cart

Is there a snippet of code I can add or change to display information from the scheduled Appointment in the Marketpress checkout cart

In MPs template-function.php: I see where I can add it, but how can I add a reference to a field in A+?


if ($type == 'checkout-edit') {
				$content .= apply_filters('mp_cart_updated_msg', '');

				$content .= '<form id="mp_cart_form" method="post" action="">';
				$content .= '<table class="mp_cart_contents"><thead><tr>';
				$content .= '<th class="mp_cart_col_product" colspan="2">' . __('Item:', 'mp') . '</th>';
				$content .= '<th class="mp_cart_col_price">' . __('Price:', 'mp') . '</th>';
				$content .= '<th class="mp_cart_col_quant">' . __('Quantity:', 'mp') . '</th></tr></thead><tbody>';