MPMU multiple niche site creation


I have a client who wants me to build a site that allows his clients to create a site for their individual purposes. The challenge is that each one of these site options has a different niche. For example. He wants to allow tire shop owners to create a site. This would be a service site. Next, a massage therapist site, and then a real estate agent. etc. Each site would be created using ProSites Multi-domain and Domain mapping with its own set of features and plugins.

The question I have is can I set the network up for him in which each site type could be selected by the user without them knowing that the other niche is available?

Maybe this will explain it in another way.,, are all available domains using multi-domain, the catch is when a user lands on they would have the ability to create a site in this niche with no knowledge that he serves other niches as well.

It seems to me like its a sub-network idea. So is it possible to set Pro-Sites and the necessary plugins on this sub-network with their own individual setting?

I hope I didn't muddy the waters too much. lol