MS_PAYPAL_TRIAL_SUBSCRIPTION makes the Stipe users pay immediately

When the define( "MS_PAYPAL_TRIAL_SUBSCRIPTION", true ); is used and both paypal and stripe gateways are activated.
If a user tries to subscribe using stripe it asked for payment and after the subscription the membrship is not trial anymore it is paid immediately.
The problem for me is that I cannot make any changes in Membership 2 Pro because I already switched on Stripe and Paypal payments AND the free trial for 1 month in both our annual AND our monthly plans.
There is people that got charged even though they subscribed to a free trial!! This could have huge legal impact.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Felix,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I was able to replicate that on my test setup. The define line is supposed to affect only PayPal payment gateway but it does apparently also "force" Stripe payments, while it should not.

    I have reported it as a bug to our developers so they would look for a fix. I'm not able to give you an ETA but please keep an eye on this ticket in case we had some "hot patch" for that before the fix is released and also make sure that you're keeping plugin up to date as the fix will most likely released as an update.

    Kind regards,

  • Felix
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Dear Adam,

    Do you have any news? It's been almost a week without some sort of "hot patch" or anything related.

    To complicate things more, it is important to know for you that for all users that subscribe to our annual recurring subscription using Stripe as a payment gateway, the trial version works. But for all users subscribing to a monthly recurring plan, they are instantly charged even if we clearly enabled the "free trial" option in the plug-in options. For those with an annual subscription, however, the expiry date is wrong as it is extend for another year after the free trial ends and not just 1 year from just "after" the 30 days free trial period.

    Please inform me about anything going on and whether you're making progress.
    This issue is very urgent as we are obviously in legal trouble if any of our new subscribers decides to go against us.


  • Felix
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Dear support team,
    almost a year has passed. We had many complains about this problem with a Stripe payment even though users were on trial month.
    I expect you to have found a solution by now.
    Please let me know.

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