mu, affiliate, supporter, membership and marketplace project - now sure how to integrate in special

I have an application that I haven't found any discussion or guidelines on... Please advise on how best to set it up...

1) I need a MU application to be able to create sites sites from it.
2) the sites will all have 5-10 products to sell that are the same for all sites.
3) a person can create a choice of sub-sites... Each level has different premium features.
4) when a site is created, the "parent" site owner gets a percentage of the monthly fees, and the "master" site owen gets a percentage of the fees, ongoing in both cases.

I've created a mutli-site installation, added marketplace for the products, added supporter, membership, and affiliate. But I'm lost at the proper way to integrate all of them to get the results above.

Do I set up the membership levels to correspond to the Premium site levels? then how do I calculate affiliate fees for those membership? Also need to calculate affiliate fees for products sold on their sites...

Is there a descriptive guide, or can you give me some guidance on it? I'm evidently missing something.


  • Mason

    Hiya misyte,

    Based on what you have above, I don't think the membership plugin is a requirement for your project (unless you want to block access to content on the front-end of the sites).

    You're going to need the latest beta of Pro Blogs to allow for multi-level sites though:

    This plugin is currently in beta, and I don't know that integration with the Affiliate plugin has been tested, but this will enable you to track blog signup conversions.

    We don't currently offer MarketPress integration with the Affiliate plugin, though you can use the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to manually track sales on the sites and figure the affiliate payments.

    Also, I'm a bit confused as to what a "parent" or "master" site are? Maybe a bit more information and we can help ya get this sorted.


  • Mason

    Hiya mistye,

    We have a plugin for multi-site that allows you to require a signup code to create a new site:

    But that's probably not exactly what you're looking for. There will be an affiliate module for Pro Blogs just as there was for Supporter that will allow you to track all the signups on your parent site. I'm not sure on the status of this module, but I reckon it'll do exactly what you're looking for here. The latest beta7 of Pro Sites is really at the point of a release candidate at which point we'll begin testing things like the affiliate plugin.

    Basically on the parent master - I need multi levels of affiliate payments.

    This is something we'll be taking a look at after the release of Pro Sites :slight_smile: