mu, affiliate, supporter, membership and marketplace project - now sure how to integrate in special

I have an application that I haven't found any discussion or guidelines on... Please advise on how best to set it up...

1) I need a MU application to be able to create sites sites from it.
2) the sites will all have 5-10 products to sell that are the same for all sites.
3) a person can create a choice of sub-sites... Each level has different premium features.
4) when a site is created, the "parent" site owner gets a percentage of the monthly fees, and the "master" site owen gets a percentage of the fees, ongoing in both cases.

I've created a mutli-site installation, added marketplace for the products, added supporter, membership, and affiliate. But I'm lost at the proper way to integrate all of them to get the results above.

Do I set up the membership levels to correspond to the Premium site levels? then how do I calculate affiliate fees for those membership? Also need to calculate affiliate fees for products sold on their sites...

Is there a descriptive guide, or can you give me some guidance on it? I'm evidently missing something.