MU, Membership + Buddypress on subdomain - install/activate/configure order?

I think my question below will have a relatively short answer, but I think I have to explain in detail what I am doing in order to get a valid answer.

I need some high-level implementation instructions to achieve what I will agree is a bit ambitious of an install involving: WPMU, two of your MU/BP compatible themes, Membership plugin & Buddypress (BP on a subdomain). I'm having a little trouble with the order in which things must be done (install, activate, configure).

I am creating a main, "free" site we'll call "" using probably BLOGS MU. Visitors can see everything at the www level with no registration required or available. Then, there will be "" which will have a free membership level with limited content, and a paid membership level for premium content in certain categories, probably using BUDDYPRESS SCHOLAR. The membership subdomain will also be the buddypress site for the members.

I know how to set up a WP "MU" network in general. I know how to install your Membership plugin and have figured out how to configure the access level/membership levels I need. I can install Buddypress & run the wizard (although a little less skilled on the Buddypress nuances).

What I am unclear about is what order to install, activate & configure the Membership and Buddypress plugins. Also, how do I bring together the Membership plugin pages and Buddypress I create pages and assign in Membership before activating and configuring Buddypress? Or, do I let Buddypress create its pages and then set Membership to use them?

I understand Buddypress normally is network-wide and not installed at the subdomain level; however, I have found and it looks like this is doable (although still not sure at what point I follow these instructions...pre or post Membership plugin setup?

Again, I only need the high-level steps, not a step-by-step of each little action to get Membership and Buddypress to play together, with any suggestions regarding the www and subdomain structure I want it to run under.


  • aecnu

    Greetings kbrady,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    This in itself is still quite a tall order even with your not wanting a step by step, but I will lead with giving the following steps as I believe they should be done and then we can work off the rest as/if you get stuck somewhere.

    The first thing to do of course is set up the MultiSite using the TLD without the www or there will be trouble and you will end up removing the www anyway.

    Once that is installed and configured, next would be time to deal with Buddy Press network activated.
    I know you mentioned something about Buddy Press claiming to set up on a sub domain install and they gave examples o how it was to be done - therefore knowing this is not a regular install I will not comment on their procedure. Microsoft said Vista was great too.

    Anyway once you have Buddy Press running it is time to go after Membership plugin.

    The reason that Membership plugin is last is because the instructions specifically dictate that categories and more are to be created before activating Membership (though it is certain that more can be added later). This is considering that Buddy Press site will have categories of course.

    One these steps are in place we will work the individual challenges of deeper integration though I do not have any idea ahead of time what those challenges will be.

    Thanks again for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • aecnu

    Greetings Kelly,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    So one of the keys things is to install and configure Buddypress before Membership. So I take it that the Membership plugin is "aware" of Buddypress (assuming it is correctly configured)? Does this mean that the Buddypress pages for registration etc are what you select in the membership plugin settings, and it all just works out?

    Actually Membership will take over everything one it is activated, registration etc.

    That is why I recommended Buddy Press first so that it is setup and when Membership is activated there should not be any conflicts to its taking over.

    Only one application can have control of the site, the last one activated should be the Membership plugin.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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