MU not working

At I am trying to set up MU. I was working on it earlier, stepped away and do not remember where I left off. Grr.

Refering to

I can see there is a blogs dir in the root set to 755 and a mu-content dir in the content dir.

So I would assume that I am at the last step: “Checking out your Network Admin dashboard area”

However there is not a Network login in the “howdy” drop down menu nor is there anything to do with Network in the Tools.

Am I going to have to uninstall and start over or is there a way to figure out what I need to do.

I know I am not at the step of adding: define(WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE, true); because I tried that and it created an line error msg.

(And yes I am keeping better notes now. Spent the better part of the week reorganizing my work flow process.