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Ok here is a quick question, may or may not be possible i have no idea,

I am in the middle of setting up a multisite educational community site,

what i would like to do is the following.

A)say a school registers on the site (creates a blog using subdomain) how could they then create subsites or blogs for their teachers. (basically child subsites of their own subsite), i am guessing its possible as edublogs has a similar concept with their campus site options.

B)Once the teachers have their sites how could they for example create pages that individual students could edit (each student would have thier own page) for this i am guessing the subsite admins or child subsite admins would have to use the users panel and create different users and manually add them to individual pages etc with the correct permissions.

C)Privacy levels if for example a teacher wanted to create a page where students could say write an assignment etc how could they block everyone besides the teacher and that student looking at that page. Also once the assignment has been submitted the student would no longer be able to edit the page.

kind of an unusual request / requirement i know.

I am assuming i will need to use the membership plugin somehow, but can that be used at subdomain level where schools could create their own (free membership levels) such as teacher / student etc.

  • Erik
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey there, Tom!

    That’s quite a tall order, but let me get you going in the right direction

    To create their own top level domain to then create subdomains beneath, you should take a look at the multi-domains plugin from the wp mu premium dev group.

    B) to allow the teachers to create pages that a student could edit (without giving them permission to edit other pages), you could simply set the ‘author’ of the page to the students user account and set the students role contributor or equivalent

    c) to create a private page for just the admin and a students account for the purpose of submitting homework or assignments, you could do this in a few ways. for one you could use a ‘password protected’ page and have the teacher give that password to the specific student and let them edit that.. Or (as I would recommend) use something like gravity forms to create a front side post editor where the student would go, register, fill it in, save it come back edit it, then when ready submit it and not be able to edit it again.

    As this seems like a big project in need of solid planning and organization to execute, I would suggest discussing this a developer who is handy with wpmu.,

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi @erik, most of the site is actually already built, the multi domain plugin is the way i was looking at, i would have it only available on the network to member type schools for example. Ya right it is a huge project not the biggest i have developed but the first wordpress based one. The rest have all been custom built from the ground up.

    The reason i am thinking about the above functionality was to avoid using a LMS such as moodle and keeping everything on site so to speak. I already have the video conferencing running so online lessons are fully integrated and accessible via calendar etc. And i am responding to potential client feedback as i get ready to launch.

    The timescale is open on this one as its a personal project, problem is knowing when to stop :slight_smile: I am going to work on a phased release adding further functionality at later stages. The key components already work at the moment. The problem is more of knowing when to stop and release phase one.

  • Erik
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    That sounds like an excellent project, Tom! I’m glad you’ve found the direction you were looking for, I hope to see you around the forums again soon! Please send us a link for the showcase when you’re done!


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