MU users sending newsletters, what are the spam / blacklist considerations?

So If I have multisite with many users that are all using a newsletter/autoresponder plugin for sending out newsletters to subscribers, how do I avoid getting the domain IP blacklisted?

I will setup on a dedicated server and want to keep it as simple as possible so they don't need to signup with a mailchimp or aweber account.

I was going to use the pro version of this plugin I saw mentioned in another thread here:

Any suggestions to avoid future problems as we add users that will eventually get larger subscriber lists?

Or since I am on a dedicated server maybe it is ok to just email all we want or that the server can handle?

Someone from godaddy told me that since I am using a newsetter plugin to send the newsletters that they would not be marked as spam but he also made some other comments that didn't make sense:slight_smile:


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey George,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    An important factor when wanting to ensure deliverability of your emails is the server/IP that send it out. In your case, since it's a dedicated server then you shouldn't have many issues - shared servers can be a problem because any of those sites on the server could send out malicious emails and result in your emails getting flagged too.

    Personally, I like to send the emails using Mandrill's SMTP:

    This is from the same people that do Mailchimp, so of course the servers are very trusted when it comes to sending email :slight_smile: I have used them a few times in the past, never sending as much as it sounds like you will be - but I've also never had any issues with them. I know some other staff use their SMTP too and have quite a large list.

    Their service is free up to 12k emails per month.

    Here is information on setting up SMTP:

    Hope this helps George! Let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,

  • calvinrogercanas

    Hey there @George,

    Hope you're well! :slight_smile:

    I suggest each person that will use the plugin for their own site will have their personal account for the reason that email-marketing is one of their forte and they need the stats / data they will get. Since the mandrill is basing on the API or SMTP credentials you input I don't see any problem having different mandrill account for one domain as long as the SMTP credentials of each site is valid.

    Let me know if it helps! :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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