Mulitlingual site: translating Upfront pages (footer regions)

Hi guys!

I have built two sites in Upfront/Fixer and Spirit and need to make them multilingual. For the first client site, I was originally planning on cloning the site for each language, as the most simple, safe option. But having looked at my own site (which uses Spirit), which will have more and more dynamic content (a blog and online training), I have decided to go back to WPML to be able to manage post/page translations in one site, rather than three, with the subsequent synchronisation issues that would entail.

Trouble is, you can only access translations from the core WP platform, not within Upfront, which means regions are not picked up and nor is the front page.

I know I should have checked this out before repurchasing the WPML licence, but I hope there will be a solution to such a basic requirement, in this day and age, to have multilingual capability in the themes. My gut says there is, though it also says that right now it will be a manual solution, which kind of makes me shudder (I have a few ideas on how)...!

Please let me know as soon as possible so I can, if necessary, try to ask for a refund of the plugin or implement the original plan while the solution is found.