Mulitple Profile Types for User Profiles in BP

If I’m trying to create a social networking site that allows the

different users to sign up under different profile types that fit them

the most.

For Example.

A Fashion site would consist of 4 – 5 profile types.


– Height, Weight, Age, Hair Color, etc….


– Last used photo equipment, software they work with, resolution,

camera type, etc..

Hair stylist, Make up Artist, Musician (DJs), Videographers:

These are two completely different profile types but they also can

share the basic info like, Full Name, Age (optional), Nickname, About,


I was also wondering that each basic profile type is free and if they

would like to extend it like for ex.


Resume download: (please upgrade to a higher package to have this



Gallery: Able to have 1 album w/ 20images for free, if they want 2 or

more albums (please upgrade to a higher package to have this feature *

clickable* and redirect them to upgrade their package to a monthly

paying one)

I’ve seen your membership subscription plugin and would love to

integrate some of those features to the profile types. How would this

be possible and if It can be possible to begin with.

This also needs to be able to work smoothly w/ buddy press as in the detail that the user

fills out will be presented to them either upon signing up or once

they visit their profile when they’ve logged in, they’ll be able to

further complete their profile.

Keep in mind that each profile type will have a very specific set of fields and options/features that others don’t as well as the free ones, so i’m not sure if the membership subscription will allow me to controll the content that’s displayed in a users BP profile.