multi-bd - everything is going into global database only

I have followed all the instructions as best I can. I have created databases numbered bdname_0 - dbname_f plus the _global as well as a s _vip1 for the main blog.

Everything seems to have worked at first, but all tables are being created in the global database... even when I create a new blog.
This a fresh site with 1 sub blog and 0 plugins. Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

ok, the link to the sub blog from within the dashboard adds the db name between the tld and the backslash. Weird.

edit again:
correction: the new sub blog's tables are still being added to the original db. Also of note it the fact that the main site (id1) is not using the vip1 db.
Was I supposed to edit wp-config or something? I didn't see any indications of that in the instructions.