Multi Country Website

Hello WPMU Dev,

When I look at the WPMU Dev plugins there looks to be a feasible option to use a combination of them to set up a Multi Country website.

My scenario is:
1) Products will have reviews written for them
2) The review content will be the same for all countries
3) Where the country does not use English then the content needs to be translated
4) There will also be content specific for that country and must only be shown only for that country
5) The advertising will be specific to a country but will be using the same review content of the product e.g. Amazon for US, UK, CA etc

I have a wonderful .ORG domain name, no chance of getting the name for each specific country, so wondering what is best: OR

One issue I have had is recognising the country IP address and diverting this to the correct URL.

Fairly certain you must have answered this query for other members but I cannot find what I need in the forum of blog.

Can you point me to the information or perhaps provide an article on how best to use your plugins to do this. Especially as it does seem the WPMU plugins look ideal to meet multi country website requirements.

Kind regards,