Multi Currency Subscriptions

Hi folks,

OK so I know there are LOADS of forum posts about multi-currency option for Membership 2. I realise this is probably quite a complicated addition with the whole exchange rate thing (although woocommerce have managed it :wink:

Anyway my idea to simplify this is to allow the website owner (me) to override the default currency for subscriptions.

So let’s say I have Stripe setup with my Membership 2 etc etc. My default currency is set to dollars, however I also want to sell in pounds. So I setup 2 subscriptions in dollars (all good nothing to change here) and I setup another 2 subscriptions offering exactly the same stuff for sale but I have the option to override the default currency, so I choose pounds.

I now have 4 subscriptions; 2 in dollars and 2 in pounds which match each other except for the currency.

I can then work some magic on the front end and setup a currency switcher which will show the different subscriptions depending on the currency they select.

Pretty easy huh, no complicated coding involved, just the ability to make multiple subscriptions in different currencies. Thanks to the handy shortcodes we can take care of the rest on the front end!

What do you think?