Multi DB, able to copy data bases but unable to paste into sql

Hi Guys,
I have been following the instructions for Multi DB and cannot get past the first post. I have created 16 Database`s plus the global and have copied them, but I am unable to paste them into PHP myadmin in the SQL box. When I right click on the mouse I do not get the option to paste. I am starting to believe there is something I am not doing right. Hopefully you will have a simple answer for me.


Stevie Shaw

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Stevie,

    I hope you're well today and thank for your question!

    Since the question is about our Multi-DB plugin I took a liberty of moving the thread to the Multi-DB section. Hopefully you don't mind that :slight_smile:

    As for the "no paste" issue. I assume you're referring to the "Incsub DB tools" step where you create an SQL code (like "CREATE DATABASE....") that will be used to create real mySql databases, am I correct?

    1. Make sure please that you have a full access to your database on a "root" level which means that when you login to the phpMyAdmin you are able to switch between all already existing databases freely inside phpMyAdmin interface without the need to provide db login and password each time.

    2. You also need to make sure (if you can't find this in your cPanel/other hosting management panel, you may want to ask you hosting provider) that the username you used to login is granted full privileges so you're able to create databases

    3. Then simply copy the code produced by the DB Tool (on Win: select all with -> right click -> copy) and then again try to paste it to the SQL command box in phpMyAdmin.

    Let me know please if this was the case!


  • Stephen

    H Adam,
    thank you for the speedy reply.
    You are correct with regard the Inscub DB tools which by the way work really well.
    With regard point 1 i am on a dedicated server and have full privileges.
    With regards point 2 i am actually using plesk 12 but this works pretty much like C/panel
    With regards point 3. Before i posted on WPMUDEV i googled the problem and found something similar to my problem. In some cases it would appear it is down to the web browser you use. So i now have 4 web browsers on my PC and none of them seem to work. It looks like I will have to just copy the details in the hard way. Should I come up with a solution I will post it on the Multi DB end of thing. Many thanks again for the speedy reply.


    Stevie Shaw

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