multi-db and WP 3.2

Hi All,

In anticipation of WP 3.2, I'd like some dialog to explain the general philosophy around upgrading Multi-DB for 3.2 (ie. are you going to wait for WP3.2.1 before releasing the new version?) and second, can you talk generally about what the upgrade process is for the multi-db plugin?

I'm working on a fairly large, multi-user environment (currently at 500 blogs and 2,100 authors). I'd like to start planning my test processes and upgrade procedures as soon as possible.

I will be tentative about when to upgrade to 3.2 - I wont be upgrading on the day of release. I do, however, want to have a plan in place so that my team and I are comfortable with the steps we need to take.

This is one of the many great reasons I am using WPMUDev plugins. :slight_smile: