Multi DB - assigned a username and password to be associated with each database


I am looking to use the Multi DB. I have followed the steps to create 16 databases and the next step asks me to set up a username and password for each.

However when i go to the cpanel and view databases the new ones are NOT there. If i go into PHPmyadmin i can see them but why can i not see them from the cpanel and how can i assign users to them?

  • Vaughan


    sometimes scripts aren't allowed to create databases so you have to create them manually from the CPanel

    to assign users to databases via your CPanel

    goto mysql databases page

    scroll down to the add new user section

    create each new user you want to assign to a database.

    once you have done

    scroll down to add user to database section.

    select a user & then select which database to add them to.

    once complete, you will see each user that's assigned to each database in the current databases section

    hope this helps

  • DAS


    I believe the databases are there (i can see them in PHPMYADMIN) but within CPANEL where i would normal create and assign users there is no sign of the databases to assign users to.

    They are just not there in the list of current databases that I would normally see in CPANEL. So i cant assign a user.

    I even checked by trying to create a database with the name of one I can see has been created in PHPMYADMIN and it says that the database name is being used.

  • DAS

    Thanks for the reply and no i cannot see any tabs that reference users/permissions within the databases within PHPMYADMIN. Do you have any in yours?

    Anyway I was going to just forget it, delete the databases and create them manually as i have done in the past (was just trying to save some time using the tools that you provide). Went in this morning and bam they were all sitting there in the CPANEL !

    I refreshed, changed browser, pc and everything last night to make sure it was not a cache issue and nothing.... i wonder if when databases are created like this if the server has to refresh in some way for them to show, or just take a certain time.

    Anyway they are there now and have added user permission manually (i dont see any instructions to show how to add user permission in bulk and if I had used more than 16 databases i wouldnt want to sit there and link them all). Maybe you could add instructions to do this in bulk for those that are not normally messing with databases.

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