multi-db + plugin issues.

I have been on a long term search for the best url cloaking plugin available for WordPress as I don’t want google to see my affiliate links. I have spent way to much $ on this so far, and because I use multi-db, so far I have had no luck getting any of them to work.

Each plugin gives me some type of missing database errors and neither myself, nor the plugin authors are able to solve the problems. well let me put it this way, I am not good enough after days of trying, and the plugin authors don’t see a reason to fix it due to little demand so it’s financial on their part.

In the hopes that it is an easy fix, is there anyone available that can take a peek at the plugin code and possibly let me know how to fix it?

*If you contact me I can send links to the plugins to work with. I don’t want to post them publicly because while gpl, they are commercial and that’s not cool.

I am talking about from

and wordpress traffic tools

From what I have read seems the best of the two. I do have a few others as well, but these are the best 2 I have found.

Thanks much everyone!