multi-db - Error establishing a database connection

Hi, I have followed step by step the instructions to implement the multi-db (256) and the process went all right.

However, when I visit my test site all I have is the message "Error establishing a database connection".

I wonder if I have to edit something on wp-config.php as my db name was "dbname" and now the db names are dbname_global and dbname_00 ... to ... dbname_ff

Yes, sure, I have created all the db's and granted privileges to the db user.

I have tried to edit wp-config.php replacing define('DB_NAME', 'dbname'); with define('DB_NAME', 'dbname_global');

But no success in making it works...



  • PC
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    Hey there,

    Glad to see that you got this sorted out with a downgrade however it should work with the latest version too.

    Which version did you start installing the plugin with ? Was it an upgrade which caused the issue and then the downgrade fixed it ?

    Kindly let me know so that I can get in touch with our lead developer @Eugene Manuilov and let him know if there are any bugs.

    Cheers, PC

  • Ricardo
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    My first install was the 3.2.1 and it did not work. Then, I downgraded to the 3.1.6 that I had previously downloaded (but never installed) and it worked.

    Eugene Manuilov,

    It was installed in a test environment that I have already destroyed, before to read your post... Sorry about that...

    If it helps, what fixed the issue was merely the upload of the file db.php from 3.1.6. package. And it is important to note that it was installed on WP 3.7.1 (I did not upgrade to 3.8)

    Thanks for the attention of you both!


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