Multi DB functionality questions

I spent some time yesterday and got multi-db setup. I “believe” it’s working, but I don’t think I quite understand how it is intended to operate.

I setup a test bed VM on my Proxmox OpenVZ server using the wordpress default container running debian 5.0.2. Here is roughly the steps I took…

Configured WordPress, initially it is v2.9

Changed login info to my liking

Upgraded WP to 3.1

Enabled MU

Configured multi site to use subdirectories

configured basic permalinks

Installed Buddy Press, default configuration

User registration and blog creation enabled

Installed Blogs-MU theme.

Installed Multi DB as per the instructions as 256 databases available.

Initially I had a couple problems with my syntax, but ended up getting it all worked out once I found my syntax errors.

MySQL was initially configured with the DB “wordpress”

MySQL user was “wordpress”

If I understand correctly, after it’s all said and done is the main database for the main site supposed to be the “*_global” mysql database?

At what point do new blog’s begin to utilize the additional databases created during the install of multi-db, and what determines that?

Once, setup. The instructions seem to indicate that that is all and no more needs to be done or managed from that point on. But I don’t quite understand how it is all supposed to flow?