multi-db: hash distribution stats

Has any one done any analysis of the distribution for the md5 style hash that is used by multi-db?

I am not too worried about it, since I know if will be hella better than no hashing (as in not using multi-db) but I was chatting with a buddy of mine and he was curious what kind of distribution you actually get from this.

What I’m noticing on the 6000 blogs I have using the 4096 distribution is that I am seeing about 20% of the hashes getting used (49 slots out of 256) and about 80% going unused.

I’m not saying that’s a problem, I’m just curious if that’s what other people see as well.

Obviously, I understand with the 4096 wide hash slots and only 6000 keys so far we wouldn’t expect to see an even distribution. I’m just curious what others are seeing on larger deployments.