Multi DB Help Needed Please

Can you please advise what I have done wrong with setup of Multi DB plugins for WordPress MU. So happens this is the only plugin not on your support list so I selected the dashboard instead. But your instructions say you offer support for Multi DB.

I use MediaTemple Grid and create all 16 db’s manually, then went in and assigned same username and pass to them. I followed your instructions to a “T” and seem to be getting the following error. Please advise

Warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in /nfs/c10/h03/mnt/151144/domains/ on line 705

Warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: A link to the server could not be established in /nfs/c10/h03/mnt/151144/domains/ on line 705

Can’t select database

We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the db151144_gridwp_global database.

Are you sure it exists?

Does the user 1clk_wp_ngZhmOe have permission to use the db151144_gridwp_global database?

On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like username_db151144_gridwp_global. Could that be the problem?

If you don’t know how to set up a database you should contact your host. If all else fails you may find help at the WordPress Support Forums.

  • jayvega
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    Hi Enginet,

    I had the same problem. But, you need to make sure you’ve given ‘full’ permission to your user for each of the 16 (17) including the ‘name_global’ databases.

    A couple caveats…

    1) Make sure you are logged in to PHPMyAdmn as root.

    2) Replace the user and database in my examples with your own.

    3) You might need to run each line at a time in this script.

    4) Copy, paste, and run the following in your SQL query/queries window.

    GRANT ALL ON name_home.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_global.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_vip1.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_vip2.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_0.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_1.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_2.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_3.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_4.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_5.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_6.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_7.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_8.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_9.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_a.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_b.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_c.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_d.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_e.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    GRANT ALL ON name_f.* TO ‘name_boss’@’localhost’;

    Good luck. You can do it!

  • jayvega
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    Hi enqinet,

    Just was curious, did you ever get MultiDB running? Can you give any more details as to any other variations you have tired in your setup? Did you end up with the same error or did it culminate in giving you something else?

    The more information you can give the developer on this might be helpful. I’ve got a what seems to be unrelated MultiDB problem, you might go here to see if you’ve run into anything like it:

    Any feedback will surely be appreciated.

  • Jay Jay
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    No, I didnt get it working yet. Instead, what I did was start the process of migrating my site from MediaTemple to a VPS somewhere else. I believe the MT (GS) has allot to do with it not working, plus found out they wont issue me a dedicated IP to use for my domain mapping so decided to get the ball rolling on migrating first

  • aristath
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    The original poster of this issue is no longer an active member on these forums.

    I am marking this issue as resolved.

    If however at some time the member becomes active again and the issue still exists, don’t hesitate to reopen it and post an update on your current status.



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