Multi-DB Installation cleanup Qs


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This question is about Multi-DB not Multi-Domians, but though I seem to have successfully followed the install instructions for Multi-DB it is not shown in the list of installed plugins in the drop-down form of plugins for my network when submitting a Q on WPMUDev so thats why I picked Multi-Domains (at least it has the word 'multi' :slight_smile:.

I followed the usage page directions exactly in setting up Multi-DB.

The move-blogs.php script ran successfully and I can see that data has been moved into my new databases.

I have not yet logged into my network post Multi-DB setup.

I am first wondering if:

1) Should I have installed this through the WPMUDev dashboard? The usage page didn't mention anything about this. Is this related to not having Mutli-DB as one of the plugins that the WPMUDev Question form will let me ask about directly?

2) If setting up exactly as per the usage page instructions is correct, then

2a) what happens now to my original database? Do I just leave it there, or can I back it up and then remove it? and

2b) I am assuming that one should remove the move-blogs.php script though the usage page makes no mention of this.

3) As a note, while db.php does list as its plugin URI, the db-config.php move-blogs.php and fix-db-encoding.php files list as their plugin URI... this address resolves to a 404 page.