Multi-DB Installation & Mechanism

Dear Support,

I am wordpress newbie :slight_smile:. I have tried to install the Multi-DB plugin as mentioned in the document but it doesn’t work on my test site, localhost.

Environment: wordpress MU 3.5.1

I can create new 16dbs and move the sites correctly according to move-blogs.php is work. However, after I put db.php and db-config.php on wp-content folder. My wordpress main page, “/localhost/wordpress” , can’t not be loaded, error “Error establishing a database connection”

I have some questions about the plugin:

1. Should I install this plugin on wp-contentplugins instead of wp-content?

2. After I move the site to other db, Do I need to delete all old wp tables on old database?

3. Do I have to call move-blogs.php everytime I’ve created new site?

Best Regards,