Multi-DB: move-blogs.php FAIL


Please check the plugin instructions at:

Step 3: db-config.php

Now that are databases are created and in place, it's time to start configuring the plugin to handle the heavy lifting. We've got 5 separate areas to configure here (6 if you're using VIP databases)

1) Line 10: Change the DB_SCALING to however many databases you're using (16, 256, or 4096)
2) Line 16: Don't let this scare you. It just needs your server's IP address.
3) Line 25: Provide the same name you assigned for your global database in Step 2. example 'dbname_global'

I think item 3) above is not correct. Should that be line 64 instead?


Been running move-blogs.php for 256 DB's with the following errors:

WARNING: mysql_free_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource.

(please see screen shot attached: multi-db-1st-run-2011-11-21 at 4.22.04 PM.png)

We let it run anyway as the new databases where filling up - until it all ground to a halt with the following error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in ....

(Please see attached screen shot: multi-db-1st-run-2011-11-21.png)

We let the script run for a second time and it stopped at the same place.

(Please see screen shot: multi-db-2nd-run-fail-2011-11-21.png)

Do you know what the warning is about and what may cause the script to report a fatal error?

What can we do now?

Many thanks in advance