Multi-DB on Multi-cPanel Servers


I'm a bit confused about some of the logistics of multi-DB. For example, we run cPanel for just about everything. So what if I want to extend a WP multisite installation across multiple cPanel servers.

I understand that I can specify IP addresses on different servers (in different data centers). I'm just not sure what else to do on those servers. For example:

- Do I create those databases on the extra servers under an arbitrary cPanel account? Does it matter what the domain is, or is that account just acting as a container for the databases?
- What happens if the multisite installation exceeds the quota of any cPanel account hosting it?


Any additional guidance would be appreciated.


  • Mason


    My thought is that as long as you are specifying a particular database you'll be fine. Does the IP address ever change for each install? If it does, (for instance if they're shared server accounts that you're a reseller of or similar) you'll want to get a dedicated IP for each one.

    I don't believe the domain of the cPanel for the server makes a difference (though someone else will need to chime in here and verify that).