Multi DB table question ?

Hi, i understand multi DB is good for multiple user/multiple site, recently i encounter some issue with WP (single) cause i have huge db in my sql :slight_smile:
400k post.
2million tag.
1.4gb db.
Problem encounter :
1. Very slow in search.
2. Freeze when i access admin panel -> post.

(no hardware issue, full dedicated, quad core, 16gb ram, 30 mb line)

So my question is, if i convert my previous WP (single) to WPMS and use multi DB plugin then create 256 db, would it help on search speed, freeze problem ? cause the site will be wpms but not other user/site ......

* WPMS install but only one user and one site, will i benefit from multi DB ?

sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:

  • SonnyCooL

    I think shouldn't be server causing issue, cause the site work perfect in every anger other then admin panel-> edit/add new post .....

    I try install another wordpress (my dummy and test site) in same server, it work perfect until it reach 300k post (dummy content), admin panel start to slow down again, it freeze (admin->edit/add post) when my site reach 400k post.

    I repeat it again and again till 5 wordpress install (same server), all of them fail when it reach 400k post, it make me believe that is mysql limit or wp core issue, not server issue.

    After chat with barry, i think i going to try hyperdb :slight_smile:


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