Multi-DB Upgrade Strategy When a new WP version comes out

Hi Guys,

As I am about to go live with my prod environment running WPMU 3.1.1 and Multi-DB (both just finalized today), I am beginning to wonder if there is a strategy that you recommend for moving between WP versions and related MultiDB plugins?

ie. When WP 3.2 comes out, should my strategy be to wait for a green light from you to upgrade?

Then my follow on: is there a Multi-DB upgrade process when upgrading to a new version of WP? Can you give me a link to the process for reference?



  • Aaron
    • CTO

    In old versions of the plugin it used to mirror wp versions as it was a comp,complete wpdb replacement and we had to merge in changes. Now it just inherits the class so sometimes it doesn’t even need changing.

    So basically install the new version at the time of upgrade if there is one. Backups are key of course. For general updating on productions sitenwe usually wait for a 3.2.1 version unless there are security updates to worry about.

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