Hi, Ive finish the full installation and all looks good, I just wondering about the VIP blogs.
1. Ive add at the bottom of the db-config.php file:

add_vip_blog(1, 'vip1');
add_vip_blog(16, 'vip2');

Is that means that my first (MAIN) site will be copy to the VIP1 db?
Because, when I open the VIP1 db on phpMyAdmin - its empty..
Same as for VIP2 db..

2. Also wonder, If I would like to add more sites as VIP dbs, I should just add them to db-config.php and upload the file? Should I do more?

3. Also, Do I need to run the wp-content/move-blogs.php file every few days to move blogs to other DBs or the plugin do it by it self.

4. By the way, Ive upload the full 'multi-db' folder to my 'plugins' folder and did NOT active it - Should I active the plugin?