Multi-Domain and Domain Mapping Installation - Which Sunrise.php file (dm_sunrise.php is missing!)

I've installed Multi-Domain and Domain Mapping (latest versions as of this post), but I am unable to have both running at the same time as the require sunrise.php file is missing. I can't find a dm_sunrise.php file in any of the plugin downloads.

"Nope that wasn’t it, the page still refreshes and nothing happens so what now sherlock?

Another cause of this is the sunrise.php file, if you are running our Multi Domain plugin:

Then you will find in the plugin folder an alternate sunrise file dm_sunrise.php you need to use this file.
First rename it to sunrise.php and then upload it just like the original sunrise.php file in these instructions and that should fix you up! :slight_smile:"

I've tried using both sunrise.php files from each plugin and as expected, they allow the plugin that the sunrise.php file is from to work, but never both. (Keep getting the Please copy sunrise.php to wp-content error on the other plugin)