Multi-Domain and Domain Mapping Plugin differences?


i'd like to undestand better the difference between Multi-Domain and Domain Mapping Plugin!
(sorry but my english is not so good)

If i undestood right the Multi-Domain create new domains that share the same site/bolg,
Domain Mapping instead help to assign a different blog for each different domain ... is this?

So i'm building my WPMU blog with subdomain and i have

and probably i need to have in future

with differents contents from, but shared posts!
So for to share post in all Network i installed Post Indexer Plugin, now for to create and menage Domains and subdomains do i need to install both plugins Multi-Domain and Domain Mapping?

Another techincal question, to have lot of domains and subdomain in a Network can give some problem to the "navigation" (for exemple should it become "slow" or something like this)?


  • DavidM

    Hi lucaweb,

    It does indeed seem like you'll want to use both plugins! You'll be able to achieve the first half of your request without using either.

    But if you want more than one domain name, Domain Mapping can take care of that for you. And then to create sites upon those other domains, Multi-Domains would have you covered. :slight_smile:

    Also, having more domain names really wouldn't slow your site down in itself, but haven't a whole lot of sites in your network might possibly do so. If you plan on having a whole lot of sites, you may want to take a look at the MultiDB plugin.