Multi-Domain, Can't login! :(

I have both domain mapping and multi-domain installed. Domain mapping works great but I am having some issues with multi-domain

My site is and I have a second domain so you can create a blog on either of these two sites. is a domain on the same host, but parked so that it directs to the same page as I created a test site and I can access it but I cannot access the wp-admin section. When I try to login it just keeps redirecting me to the login page even when the password is correct. When it is wrong, it just tells me I do not have cookies enabled.

I have tried having SSO enabled and disabled and cleaned up my .htaccess file from the W3 Total Cache problems.

If this is a repeat question, I apologize as I quickly glanced through the solved questions to see if I could find someone having a similar issue but did not.