Multi-Domain defaults to main domain on front-end, network admin adds both


Have a strange thing having trouble tracking down.

Installed multi-domain with Buddypress. Added an extra domain for blog choice, aside from the main domain.

If I go to the front-end (as an admin or user) and choose “Create a site!” I see all the correct options. I can add to or

If I add to everything works fine.

If I add to, it processes, then delivers the message your blog at is successful!

If I go to, sure enough, it’s there and works. It will not create the domain at, it will switch it to be

However, if I go to the dashboard and switch to network admin, and try the exact same process it works perfectly. It will correctly add You can go to the domain and it works great.

So, obviously the plugin is working. It’s functional, just not for front-end users.

Any idea what this could be?