Multi domain, domain mapping project help

Hello all,

I am trying to run several niche portals from one installation of wordpress 3.1.

I am running wordpress 3.1, the latest version of domain mapping plugin, supporter and several other plugins from wpmudev. I am using a sub-domain install.

I have running as the main installation. The jobsite is running as a sub-domain of the mainsite ( and this is mapped to and working well.

Now with the multi-domain tool. I would like to build recruitment sites as sub-domains of (

1. Would I be able to build,,

2. I already have a dns entry pointing the domain to my mainsite ip address and currently just park the domain using cpanel. Do I need to do any more entries or is this sufficient to get it working?

3. Also these sub-domains will be mapped – e.g. mapped to and mapped to

That gave me a headache.