Multi Domain Headache - Please help!

Hi Guys,

Firstly, you all rock as your plugins/website/approach is the best in the WP industry! Hands down!

Secondly, i really need some help with this multi domain jobby.

I have latest wordpress, latest version of the multi domains plugin, and its all installed correctly.

I go to add site, choose a domain, put in title and email, click "add site" and it takes me to the front page of the site i was originally on - no extra site added :slight_frown:

The domains are @, and their DNS settings are pretty poor - they had to add the wildcard A record to the main sites IP in each domain for me as they said it wasnt possible from the users end!

I am really at a loss with this now, my customer is telling me im not capable of doing this and more than anything I HATE LETTING THINGS BEAT ME!!!!!

PLEASE help!!! :slight_smile:

I can supply FTP/access on request!