Multi-domain plugin - Take's me to signup-page and won't work


I've installed the multi-domain plugin after your tutorial, uploading the files in to wp-content and mu-plugins, adding wildcard-subdomain, adding sunrice-line in wp-config, commenting out the COOKIE_DOMAIN in wp-config, and all that stuff, but it still wont work.

1. First of all.. in the network-admin and the signupform the main/default site shows up as "DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE". So I've tried defining it in the wp-config.php without any luck. This is the code I tried:


(I have also tried setting the domain directly, but still getting the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE as a name)

The main domain still works like before though. But, when i add my second shorter domain It just takes me to the signupform like it did without the plugin. That takes me to problem nr 2...

2. Now, my other problem is that the plugin keeps telling me that the wildcard isnt setup properly. I've done it by adding a subdomain in my cPanel that are "*". but still doesnt work.

I would really appriciate if someone has a solution to this. My main domainname is a bit long so it would be great to have the chance to offer a alternative to the users.

Last question: If/When i get this working. Will both domains work for all bloggers? I'm really looking for a way to use an aliasdomain. Its not so important for me that bloggers can choose domain on signup, but that they have a shorter alternative to my maindomain.

please help :slight_smile: