multi domains plugin : multi-domain & single signon feature EDIT

Hi there,
I have a question about multi-domains, because either I misunderstood something, or there is something not working as expected.
first thing, if you read some of my past posts here, I'm NOT using Networks+ on that site, AND I have now the dedicated IP for that install.

now, I listed some synonym domains in the multi-domains admin, and set 1 to be public, I want to allow users to registers sites only to that one, and set 8 other domains to private (including the main domain) I want to add users to those only by myself (add people to correct domains depending on manual choice, anyway).

I'm on the test phase with WP multisite + buddypress + some plugins, among which Multi-domains and domain mapping, all versions up to date, sunrise used is the dm-sunrise version

2 issues :

FORGET IT : <strike>1- on the first registration, user can choose if he also want to create a blog, then it's working and only my public domain appears, BUT if the user is already registered and want to create another blog, there is the issues : all the domains are listed there even the ones mentioned as private, </strike> FORGET THAT : I'm STUPID ;O) (I forgot to test with a normal account and tested with my admin account, of course all the domains are available !)

1. and the chosen domain (in the drop-down) does appear in the radio button choice further down instead of the yes/no answer if the user want his site to appear on search engines

2. single sign-on.... if a user is connected on one of those domains, I would expect he's also connected to any of the others listed in the multi-domain plugin, as I have single sign-on activated. I saw other threads about this but no solution there. Is that right it should work like that? Or I misunderstood single sign-on feature?

thank you very much in advance for your help :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    ok I edit the above post a few times, :slight_smile: especially I found out I have been testing with admin account for one of the (non-)issue, lol, so of course, well...

    but other issues are still there, and I add an image to show you what I mean : the yes/no is replaced by the address, it's not the case on your image there

    and last issue about single signon, I tried to find more in existing topics, found nothing that help me

  • Kimberly

    Hi there!

    Okay, I'll address the issues in your last post and you can let me know which, if any, carry over from the one above that :slight_smile:

    For your Privacy links, what are your Privacy settings for the domains you added? Can you change then reset?

    As for the single sign-on, are you signing on through the main site and getting access to the entire network? It should work that way :slight_smile:



  • Patricia BT

    Hi Kimberly and I'm happy to read you :slight_smile:

    - for the private domains in multi-domain, it was an error from me :slight_smile: thus forget that question

    - for the single sign on, with multi-domain plugin, it's enabled, i'm signed on the main site, but if I create a blog on one of the other domain (from the multi-domain plugin), I'm not signed on there, and I must login on the new domain

    - for the last issue, yes thanks in advance for any help on this, this is really not the normal behaviour :slight_smile:

    read you soon :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    @KimberlyL : just to let you know I've been talking with @ArnoldB on live support yesterday, so he's also looking at it,
    about multi-domains he said "Let me flag the developer and see if he knows" (is he talking about @VeBailovity) ?

    and I think Arnold is looking into the Directory problem

    well, I must admit I'm very impatient on those, I have so many things to solve before to launch the site.... :slight_smile:

    thank you very much in advance and have a nice day

  • Patricia BT

    just to let you know
    as I thought this could be an issue, I desactivated the domain mapping plugin and replaced the sunrise.php with the one for multi-domain alone
    the issues are still the same

    - address appears instead of yes/no
    - site is created as subsite of the main domain, which was marked as rpivate, and does not take into account what is in the drop-down

    i really need help on that, is that me? anyone else encounter the same problem?

    what else can I test?

  • Kimberly

    The developer has been flagged here as well :slight_smile: And yes, he means VeBailovity.

    If you are around this weekend you can also ask Moha in his live chat at 9 tomorrow

    To summarize:

    Ve: See pic above. Domain name links showing where yes no buttons should be for domain privacy.

    Also: register a new site after the user registration it register with the main site domain name and shows in the dropdown to select domain, even if that name private in mutli-domain dashboard.

    tried:desactivated the domain mapping plugin and replaced the sunrise.php with the one for multi-domain alone, no change

  • Patricia BT

    thank you VERY much @KimberlyL

    all well summarized, except the main domain, flagged as private doesn't show in the dropdown (that was my error, it shows when connected as super admin), but even it's not in the dropdown, the subsite is then registered under main domain, that only if the site is created afterwards, not if created at the same time than the user

    the yes/no is functionning = the site does appear or not in buddypress activity etc... it's just that it shows url instead of yes/no

    I'm very glad I was not forgotten :wink: and I'm looking forward to hear from VeBailovity and will also talk with Moha if i'm here at 3pm european time :slight_smile:

    thank you very much and have a nice long week-end :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    @VeBailovity : I know you have been very busy with the new site, I talked to 2-3 persons in the live chat, and all say "he will answer you" but well, ok there has been a long week-end, you were busy with the site etc, but now it has been 9 days since my question, I didn't know the support would be that long when I paid my registration on the site (24/7/365 support and Mason the other day told me generally answer come in 1 day)

    Now I need to launch my site soon, there is a few issues, especially with multi-domains (and also directory, I will talk to Arnold), but now I would like to be answered please, if you need me to test things, if you need some detail, anything, please contact me... even just to tell "Hi Patricia, yes I'm looking into this", because there I just feel you don't even know about my issue.

    have a nice day

  • Mark de Scande

    I have to ask @Patricia

    Try to open a new browser don't log in and then see it the problem is still there.

    Ps turn of "sign-on" it is a server hog :slight_smile:

    I set this up last night for a customer and it worked :slight_smile:

    Also have a look at i have it working there and if you want just drop me a email and i will give you a hand i think it is some thing small :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    Hi Mark and thank you very much

    actually I tried that of course, when trying to identify the problem (I always work with different browsers logged as to different users)

    yes, the 1st problem still here : the one you can see in my first answer in the screen capture, it does replace the yes/no radio buttons answers with new subsite url

    the 2nd issue still there too : single sign-on doesn't work (thanks for your advice about it beeing a server hog, but well, if there is not this feature I must rethink my domains organisation : which one is the main, etc)

    and 3rd issue still there : the new subsite regsiters itself to the main domain, eventhough the main domain is marked as private in the plugin dashboard, and eventhough another domain is chosen in the dropdown during subsite creation, this happens only when a subsite is created by an already existing user, it doesn't happen when the user and subsite are created at the same time

    on your site, you do not use Buddypress, maybe that's why it works well?

    anyway I'm waiting answers from the developer @VeBailovity as no one else has been able to tell me anything else than to see with him

    so I must thank you very much to try to help me @Mark :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly

    I second Mark's suggestion. Try to remove all external factors besides the multidomains plugin. just to ensure there is no conflict.

    Using a setup as simple as possible will help to determine if anything else is messing with the signup. Also, double check that your other domains are set up to receive new subdomains via your host.

    Are you using a privacy plugin or do you have the privacy options set for your site within the main site dashboard?

    What are your network registration settings?



  • Patricia BT

    Hi again Kimberly, yes the domain is set to receive subdomains, it works when user is created at the same time than the subsite, and it doesn't work when the subsite is created by an already existing user

    this is for the registration name, and for the privacy yes/no radio button beeing replaced by the address

    well, when I first had this issue, I had a fresh install of wordpress/multisite/buddypress and bbpress, the multidomain plugin and domain mapping came just after (maybe Pro Sites also), I since installed several other plugins, but well :slight_smile:

    thx again

  • Patricia BT

    well thank you very much @Mark, and thank you to refude rep points, and you were very friendly on chat

    - and yes apparently for the issue mentioned in answer 1 above (url in privacy yes/no radio button) is a theme issue (will try to hunt where in buddypress files from infinity theme)

    - issue that registering site goes to main domain is apparently because we cannot make the main domain private? PLEASE @VeBailovity CONFIRM and is there a possibility to make it work? I need that

    - issue that single-signon is NOT WORKING is not solved, as Mark just disabled it to test things out and yeah without it, the other issue #1 above apparently goes, but well, how to make it work WITH single sign on? PLEASE @VeBailovity can you check that ?


  • Patricia BT

    - dor information the first issue (which ok is not Multidomains related finaly)
    ==> it also happens with buddypress default theme, as well as one of the WPMU theme (buddypress compatible)... so it's not only infinity that I was trying, so trying to hunt that and I come back to inform here in case someone has the same issue in the future

    2 other questions still open :slight_smile: (please @VeBailovity read just above comment for updated news)


  • Patricia BT

    ok I summarize :slight_smile: so @all : consider only that comment now

    so to avoid you or Vlad keeping asking like Mark to unactivate plugins or cache or anything, I simply reinstalled Wordpress from scratch!!

    ==> so WP + multisite, works : I can create a subsite under my main domain.

    1. SINGLE SIGN-ON issue
    installed multi-domain and added sunrise.php file and sunrise setting in wp-config
    (btw in the file/dashboard it is said to set to define( 'SUNRISE', true ), and in the usage on your site it's mentioned to set to define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); (yes I beware the backticks), well it's the same right?, and doesn't work either way

    anyway then the plugin does appear in the dashboard, I set a second domain (yes all are correctly configured on the server and have wildcard settings and my cookies on)
    I add a second domain, and single sign-on : THIS DOESN'WORK : if I'm disconnected from main and subsite with the other domain, and try connect with one, the other one is still not connected (or do I mistake what "single sign-on" should do?)

    2. misplacement issue without buddypress
    in the meantime I discovered that your usage instruction doesn't mention the exact place of the multi-domains-files folder (with js and language), I tried to move up js and language folders to the same level than multi-domain.php, but this makes the placement of things especially dropdown menu not in the correct place in the form
    NOT AN ISSUE without Buddypress, but update your instructions please,

    this is however an issue WITH BUDDYPRESS (see below)

    with that setting, at least the issue that the subsite is registering with the main domain only, doesn't appear here, it WORKS for now (so before buddypress), even if main domain is set to private and we get only the other domain in the dropdown. (so what we found with Mark was wrong, we CAN make the main domain private and get the users to register their subsite only with alternative domain), it works in both tests : when creating the user and the subsite at the same time, and when creating the subsite afterwards

    so now I install buddypress, (Mark asked me to have a look at your Communities plugin, but well, I don't need group features (I don't activate groups on BP either), but I need a central Activity that pulls everything from all sites, just to let you know why :slight_smile:

    after buddypress installation and config, I try again to create a new subsite (with existing user) and again the problem : eventhough the alternative domain is mentioned in the dropbox, the subsite will register under the main domain (it can be set to public or private = the difference is that it won't appear in the dropbox, but the subsite will ANYWAY register under the main domain)


    I can't be more clear than that, and no other plugin was in the way now.

    Maybe simply remove "buddypress compatible" from the plugin description ? or is it me who is missing something? I mean if I'm the only one to face this, it might be something I do wrong, but in that case, tell me what. I described all my steps now.

    I understood Vlad was so busy he couldn't look at my issue, but now it's the 10th day, now I need an answer, thx to tell to Vlad to answer me today, if he's not available, I saw Joe masters that plugin too (he answers lot of topics about it), is he from the staff?
    thx a lot in advance for that

    sorry if my english is not clear, can't do better

  • Vladislav


    I truly apologize for the delay on this matter, and thank you for your patience and thorough debugging you did yourself - also, many, many thanks to Mark for the help in troubleshooting this. There indeed seems to be an issue with BuddyPress site registration, and I'm currently looking into that.

    As for the single signon, I think the cause for the issue might have been a slight issue with clearing the transient values. Can you please try the attached multi-domains.php file and see if it helps? You can just copy it over your existing one.

  • Mark de Scande


    Here is my tests :slight_smile:

    with no buddy press

    1) If you set domain to Private it works.

    with Buddy Press

    1) If you set domain to Private it don't work.

    The i change the theme to the standard buddy press the it worked

    So i thought it was a theme issue but it seem to not be

    Then i did some more tests all it is looking to just point to Buddy Press that is not compatible if you turn off the main domain name.

    so recap she wants to have the main site private and then the users must get blogs on the outer domains names then the main site will then be the home fome all the users ie buddy press.

    I hope this help :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    @Mark : with today tests : without buddypress it worked either way : private or not
    and with buddypress it didn't work either way : private or not
    yesterday we did test so much things so fast we must have been wrong

    this private or not thing on main domain has no influence actually

    and nope with buddypress standard theme it didn't work, actually it worked yesterday when I messed with the buddypress theme files added to twentyeleven, but then I'm not sure buddypress was active or not

    thx again for your help, but the symptoms were the same this morning.

  • Vladislav


    Thanks for the overview, it's possible that the problem with single singon feature might be related to BuddyPress as well, at least tangentially. The scenario I'm thinking of is when user logs in and gets redirected to the site front page, without ever visiting the admin area. In this case, the needed cookies won't be set even with the patch I posted earlier. Can you please try to log in *and* visit your admin area before trying out other domains?

  • Patricia BT

    @Mark yeah sure I just wanted to point out that what came out of our tests of yesterday was not all correct :slight_smile:

    @VeBailovity nope, with buddypress, if I connect to the main site then I have list of my blogs in the topbar if I try go to admin, it still ask me to connect (either with one or the other domain)
    but now I discover something interesting, it does that even if the subsite is at the same domain (from the issue number 3 mentioned earlier), so this shouldn't happen on the same domain??
    is that because buddypress user sessions are separated from usual WP user sessions?
    this happens with a non admin test user account, with the main super admin I stay connected on the main domain but still not signed on the other domain

    may I send you login and pw via email ?

  • Vladislav


    About the admin dashboard visiting, we perhaps misunderstood each other initially, but I think I figured out what happened regarding the single signon feature. The attached update should solve the issue for BuddyPress too.

    As for the radio boxes issue in the "Privacy" section, could you please apply the attached update, then add this to your wp-config.php:
    define('MD_DEQUEUE_PLACEMENT', true);

    Unfortunately, BuddyPress forces the new sites created on the public (BuddyPress) pages, but outside registration procedure, to be created under the main domain. I'm still looking into that. The full registration procedure works properly for me, as well as adding sites normally, through regular WordPress admin methods.

  • Patricia BT

    YEAH, single signon WORKS now with that

    and YEAH #2, the yes/no placement is solved with this line in wp-config

    yep I thin I had understood you about dashboard (I visited it on main domain before to go on the subdomain), wasn't that? maybe then I misunderstood! ok :wink:

    and yes, the remaining issue I'm glad you're still looking into it, and yes for me also it works without buddypress (if it's what you mean with "through regular WordPress admin methods")

    thanks again and read you soon
    have a nice day

  • Vladislav


    Regarding the last pending issue, I have managed to isolate the conflicting area, but unfortunately haven't had success in fixing the issue within plugin itself yet. Patching one of the BuddyPress core files did seem to fix it for me. I'll keep trying to get the two to play nicely, but in the meanwhile I'm attaching the patched file just in case you're interested in such interim solution, although it's not really a best practice.

  • Patricia BT


    strange enough, the creation went correctly to the chosen domain, but it raised another issue : I got the message that WP was already installed, and in the network dashboard, I could see the blog not completely created = everything was there but the admin user (had no user), so I just added manually

    I will try also on a test install, as there is too many plugins there that could be now interfering, and it's now a live site (not active as I do not want to advertize until I solve that :slight_smile:

    what should I post in buddypress support forum? I think it's not a good thing BP forces the creation only to the main site. Of course now it's clear why it was conflicting with multi-domain plugin and registering under the main domain!, I saw the code change you made (I like to learn :wink: and compared files)


  • Patricia BT

    ok, the "already installed" was something else,

    anyway, I see in the new buddypress (1.5.6)
    this code you found in wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php is of course still there

    lines 553-556

    // If this is a subdomain install, set up the site inside the root domain.
    	if ( is_subdomain_install() )
    		$domain = $blogname . '.' . preg_replace( '|^www\.|', '', $current_site->domain );

    so yes, I don't understand why buddypress want to force on the main domain... I'm going to bump my question which has no answer on their forum.

    thx again

  • Patricia BT

    Hi KimbelyL

    my BP install works well on my multisite, and I do not choose this option that you write, because I do not want my users to install BP in their subsite (I believe this is what the code you write makes), I only want on the main site id=1

    the code @VeBailovity found in BP was simply forcing my users subsite to register under my main domain

    but I want to provide different domains to choose from, that's the aim of multi-domain plugin (for example instead of and while the registration form works well on native WP via the domain drop-down choice, this didn't work on BP and eventhough another domain is chosen in the form's dropdown, the subsite was registered under main domain.

    so @VeBailovity found it, I changed the code in BP and this works now (only "problem" is I will need to reapply the code at each BP update, I even asked in BP forum why they force on main domain and got a "strange" answer... (strange = that I don't understand, lol)

    so all ok with VE's patch, but topic not resolved as he wrote : "I'll keep trying to get the two to play nicely, but in the meanwhile I'm attaching the patched file"

    anyway thanks @Kimberlyl :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    Hi Kimberly

    for me it's ok, actually I have talked with Ve today in the chat, and he said he'll try write in the buddypress forum (maybe in my topic), he said it would be better if there was a hook there (hopefully I repeat correctly, lol, I trust the coders there :wink:

    maybe if this topic is still open, it will be like a reminder for him? because if there is a hook then, he must change the code in multi-domains I think

    best is to ask to him if this topic can be closed, if he needs it open as a reminder, or if he won't forget.

    have a nice day

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