multi domain vs domain mapping

In lamest term, what is the difference between multi-domain and domain mapping? I have both plugins but they seem so similar to me.

For example:
1. I own several domain names (such as, and

2. With the multi-domain plugin, I am able to setup a wordpress mu that handles each domain separately (, and

3. On the flip-side, with the domain mapping plugin, I able to achieve the same effect (, and, by cleaning up clean the URL (, and to reflect the same thing as #2. The only difference is that site2 and site3 is under

4. As you can see this can be very confusing if both multi-domain and domain mapping can achieve the same outcome.

5. When do you use and vs and then use domain mapping to clean up the URL to and

6. Overall, what is the best practice and when do use what method in order to achieve the best outcome.

7. Better yet can we break down both multi-domain and domain mapping and when to use them in what situation. I need to understand these methods.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Reinard! Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    First, I agree, the two plugins look pretty similar from the getgo, but they actually do different things.

    With Multi-Domains, you can allow new users to select from a number of domain names that you control, so if you own,, and, you can offer your new members a choice of domains -,, or, for example.

    *Important note: Multi Domains does not work well with subdirectory multisites, as per the usage guide. So if you've set up your multisite to use subfolders, like so:, vs., Multi Domains is not a good choice for you.

    Domain Mapping, on the other hand, will map a domain that you or your user control to your pre-existing URLs. So if a user owns, but gets a blog on your site called, you can map hubbahubba to site.36.yoursite.

    Ultimately, the two plugins can work side-by-side with no problems, since they're ultimately handling different things. You may not need both, depending on your domain naming needs, but they're definitely different tools.

    Thanks for your question, Reinard! Hope this makes it a little more clear!

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