Multi Domains and Domain Mapping


We are using the multi domains and domain mapping plugins. We have been using them together previously, but after upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of the plugins they now seem to be conflicting and printing an error on all of the website pages.

The only way that we could prevent this happening was by editing plugins/multi-domains/multi-domains.php on line 1116
and changing this

if ( !is_writable( $global_sunrise ) ) {

to this.

if ( is_writable( $global_sunrise ) ) {

This removes the error on the websites, but it doesn't solve the underlying problem.

On the settings page for domain mapping there is this error: You use old version of /var/www/nginx/primaryblogger/wp-content/sunrise.php file. Please, replace that file with new version which is located by following path: /var/www/nginx/primaryblogger/wp-content/plugins/domain-mapping/sunrise.php.

On the settings page for multi domains there is this error: Please copy the content of sunrise.php into /var/www/nginx/primaryblogger/wp-content/sunrise.php and uncomment the SUNRISE setting in the /var/www/nginx/primaryblogger/wp-content/wp-config.php file.

Are you able to suggest how to resolve the conflict that we are having? We have tried various things, but no matter what we do something seems to break.

Thank you for your help.